Is There a Way to Export Data From the Data Viewer Window to a More Shareable File?

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Users might require exporting ICM data into a more common format to share for use in different software for additional processing.


The method of export depends on whether you want waveform data or trend data.

Waveform data

  • If you want waveform data, you can export it as a TDMS file.
  • If you want to open the TDMS with Excel, there is an add-in for that.
  • If you need to open the TDMS files in a different program, you might need a tool that can open and convert the TDMS file. For more information, National Instruments has documentation about TDMS files on their website.

 Trend data

  • Define the timeline of the data you want to export in the clock menu.
  • In the action menu on the left side of the trend chart, select Export Trend Data.
  • InsightCM will export the data as an Excel file.
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