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The InsightCM Support Report is a way to generate a snapshot of the system’s configuration for troubleshooting purposes, either for the Cutsforth Support Engineers to review the configuration, or to replicate the asset tree and device configurations in a test server.


There are two ways to generate the report, one via the web application, and the other, for exceptional cases when you may not have access to it due to some error, via Command Line (CMD).

Option 1: Get the Support Report using the Web Interface:

1. Go to the Navigation Menu > Utilities > Trace Logger



2. Once there, click the Action Menu> Download Support Report



3. The support .zip file will be in your default downloads folder


Option 2: Get the Support Report using the Command Line:

  1. Access the server where InsightCM (ICM) is installed.
  2. Click the Windows menu button and typeCMD
  3. It will open the command prompt window.
  4. Type cd C:\Program Files\Cutsforth\InsightCM and hit Enter.

Note: if you are using a NI version of InsightCM (earlier than 3.8.5) the path is different and you should use: cd C:\Program Files\National Instruments\InsightCM Server 3.0

5. Type InsightCMConsole.exe exportsupportfiles and hit Enter.

Note: if you are using an ICM 3.6 to 3.3 you will need to define the output path for the report:

InsightCMConsole.exe exportsupportfiles -o path and hit Enter.

6. You will get the following output:


7. The support zip file will be in the path shown above: C:\ProgramData\Cutsforth\InsightCM\Export\

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